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  -> Permanent TSB uses joint Aztech and NCL solution - Jan 2004

Aztech Information Systems and NCL Technologies partnered to provide a mobile messaging solution for permanent tsb Finance. The solution provides a customer notification system via SMS, is fully integrated into permanent tsb Finance systems and provides full messaging facilities for both inbound and outbound messages.

Permanent TSB Finance said "we have been using SMS messages to contact customers from time to time. It has emerged that people are contactable more easily by way of SMS message to their mobile phones. When a customer receives an SMS message they have the option to respond either by return SMS, or with a phone call to permanent tsb Finance. It has so far proved to be an effective means of communicating with customers for permanent tsb Finance."

'Speed of integration and flexibility were key factors in this project and NCL's enterprise mobile messaging solution, Provato SMS/MMS Gateway, was perfect for the job yet again. Our bespoke software together with Provato meant integration with permanent tsb Finance's back office could be done quickly and easily.' said Michael Carlile, CEO of Aztech. Aztech develop innovative solutions to address the complex challenges faced by customers across multiple industry sectors.

'NCL collaborated closely with Aztech on this exciting project. Aztech identified the business requirements of permanent tsb Finance and implemented the business logic and integration. NCL provided the core mobile technology. It is a perfect match. The project demonstrates how easy it is for System Integrators (SI's) and Integration Software Vendors (ISV's) to quickly mobile enable applications and solutions using Provato. We look forward to working with Aztech on up and coming projects.' said James Noctor, CEO of NCL.