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  -> Cellular South increases text traffic - May 2004

After Cellular South implemented applications on NCL's SMS software components, messages have grown from 5000 to 3 million per month and this continues to grow at a fast pace. It is a standard for many young people and an invaluable tool in Cellular South's corporate culture.

Cellular South provides mobile services in 5 southeastern states in the US and required a SMS messaging component that would allow them to build high volume messaging applications, and applications that could operate concurrently.

NCL's products provided the flexibility and scalability required, and a solution that integrated nicely with both Cellular South's platform and BEA WebLogic application server.

NCL's components allowed Cellular South to define multiple connections with SMS message centres providing this scalability. It also allowed Cellular South to explore other areas of customer interaction over messaging. Services build using NCL's components included Fan Stat (football statistics), Pull Account Information, Past-Due Accounts and Sales Force tools.