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"Ericsson Messaging Inc. have been using SwiftNote (SMSJDK) product of NCL in our core messaging products such as Short Message Service Center (i.e. SMS-C), and Unified Messaging platform (i.e. UM).

Ericsson Messaging Inc. has found the quality of the SMS-JDK product from NCL to be of a very high standard. Indeed, this standard is matched by NCL's services including after-sales and technical support.

Ericsson Messaging Inc. is pleased to recommend NCL to their future clients.

Ericsson (Nasdaq symbol: ERICY) is a leading provider in the new telecom world, with communications solutions that combine telecom and datacom technologies with the freedom of mobility for the user. Ericsson Messaging Inc. in particular, concentrates on the development of products and applications in the context of messaging. As such, Ericsson Messaging provides text, voice, and unified messaging solutions for the new telecom world.

Ericsson Messaging Systems, USA