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  -> Vodafone Launch 'Free How Are You? Text' developed by NCL - Feb 2004

Vodafone Ireland recently launched its new SMS Value Added Service called "Free How Are You? Text" developed by Dublin-based software company NCL Technologies Ltd. This innovative service allows Vodafone subscribers to send free text messages to other mobile subscribers. The number of free texts per day is configurable in NCL's solution, though initially each Vodafone subscriber will be allowed one free text per day. The solution also allows Vodafone subscribers to select their language and set-up an address book of 'nicknames' for ease of use, through the Vodafone Live website and through a user friendly text messaging interface.

The "Free How Are You? Text" service also creates strong brand awareness for Vodafone Ireland in addition to revenue generated through voice traffic and text banter.

NCL Technologies built the Vodafone "Free How Are You? Text" value added SMS service on their messaging platform Provato SMS/MMS Gateway.

Provato - previously called Vivato - integrates closely with J2EE application servers and provides a powerful bridge between mobile messaging and enterprise software development. J2EE application servers are the industry standard for delivering telco-grade, high-availability applications.

Pat Moynihan, Head of Product and Services Development: "NCL have a proven track record with Vodafone Ireland in terms of delivering top quality software on time and within budget. We did not hesitate to use them to help us to deliver our "How are you?" product and they have been very flexible in delivering a quality solution to us in a very short time period."