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  -> NCL partners with BEA - August 2003

NCL, a leading provider of mobile application development software tools, modules and building blocks, announced today that it has partnered with BEA and is releasing Provato SMS and MMS Gateway, its flagship product, for the BEA WebLogic platform.

Building on BEA's WebLogic platform and capitalising on WebLogic features allows NCL to deliver industry standard robust mobile messaging solutions with carrier grade reliability, scalability and availability.

With NCL's Provato mobile messaging solution, you can create and deploy a host of MMS and SMS applications on a single or clustered platform, route messages between applications and messaging gateways and centres. Supporting a multitude of message formats and message centre protocols, NCLs Provato SMS/MMS Gateway allows application developers to deliver their offering to the widest possible market in the shortest timeframe.

Features of NCL's Provato SMS MMS Gatway solution include connection management, routing, persistence, resource sharing, consistent API across all messaging technologies including MMS, EMS, Nokia Smart Messaging, SMS and WAP Push.

Using BEA's WebLogic platform, NCLs platform can be distributed over concurrent or clustered WebLogic application servers to deliver high volume messaging between multiple applications and large subscriber bases.