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Enabling mobile messaging in J2EE and .NET
Provato SMS MMS Gateway is NCL's advanced and innovative mobile application development framework for the enterprise. Provato is your most important asset in developing and deploying reliable messaging applications and services.
Benefits: Provato: SMS MMS Gateway allows applications to connect to the mobile messaging network via Web Services, SOAP, XML and JMS. Suitable for Java, .NET developers. Runs on  NT or UNIX.  Supports SMS MMS WAP Push EMS Nokia Smart Messaging.  Features include Unique IDs across message centres, Correlation IDs, SNMP, Clustering, message routing and persistence, receipt and response routing, keyword shortcode routing, bind sharing, connection management, long messages, unicode messages. Built on J2EE architecture..
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Provato allows in-house or 3rd party applications to connect to the mobile messaging network via Web Services, SOAP, XML and JMS and is suitable for both Java and .NET developers. Provato runs on an NT or UNIX platform.

Provato meets the challenges faced by VAS and application development by providing a configurable, manageable service that handles the task of mobile messaging - SMS and MMS - on behalf of your Value Added Service application. Provato integrates closely with J2EE application servers such as BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Sun ONE, and JBoss to provide easy access to messaging functionality for Enterprise Java Development. The use of JMS with Provato in a J2EE environment provides a powerful bridge between mobile messaging and enterprise software development. Provato can be exposed as a Web Service and be accessed from a range of programming environments. The flexibility and power of Provato allow the software development team to concentrate on creating and delivering in-house Value Added Services quickly and reliably.

Supporting a wide variety of protocols, specifications and industry standards, Provato is operator and service provider independent meaning that your messaging applications and services can be deployed to the widest possible market.

Integrating with existing software, easy to manage and user-friendly, your mobile applications will be up and running quickly with Provato.

Provato Gateway supports a host of mobile messaging mechanisms that including Short Messaging (SMS), Enhanced Messaging (EMS), Multimedia Messaging (MMS) and Smart Messaging (Nokia), Long messages, Push WAP and Delivery Notifications/Receipts. It also supports our innovative and proprietary SWAP message and Group Message Transactions (see our White Papers section for more details). Our generic interfaces into mobile messaging future-proofs your application and provides a consistent API across all messaging types.

Built on reliable and distributable technologies, message persistence is achieved by using message queues, guaranteeing message delivery. Provato constantly monitors and maintains connections to mobile message centres ensuring stable deployment. Applications can be developed quickly using simple programming interfaces (APIs) and Provato assures high performance when your applications are deployed.

Developers can choose from a suite of APIs including:- Visual Basic, ASP, VBScript, C, C++, C-Sharp, Java, .NET, COM, and PERL.