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NCL's software can be downloaded in this area for evaluation purposes.

You will require a license key. To get a license key, please register with NCL (or login if you are already a registered).

The Provato Server, Client and user documentation can be downloaded below. The Provato Server is available as a standalone (Windows/Linux) for quick installation or as an Adaptor for BEA WebLogic 8.1 or JBoss.

  • Provato Server - Windows Standalone (includes JVM)
  • Provato Server - Linux Standalone (includes JVM)
  • Provato Server - BEA Adaptor (requires WebLogic 8.1)
  • Provato Server - JBoss Adaptor (requires JBoss and JVM 1.4)
  • Provato Client - Java SOAP/XML Client
  • Provato Client - Java JMS Client (Java Message Service)
  • Provato Client - .NET Client (includes MS examples)
  • Provato Client - Perl SOAP client

Download PROVATO from the NCL Forum

The SwiftNote SMSJDK (embeddable SMS toolkit) and SwiftPush (embeddable WAP Push) software can be downloaded below.