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  -> SwiftNote (SMSJDK) - SMS Toolkit
    NCL's SwiftNote (SMSJDK) is a software development toolkit for wireless application developers. With SwiftNote you can develop custom short message (SMS) applications and products quickly.

SwiftNote allows a short message application to interoperate with cellular networks in a variety of ways from low-volume cellular modems to high volume SMSC connections. Using SwiftNote your applications are scalable in throughput and conform to industry standards ensuring vendor or mobile operator independence.

SwiftNote also provides a generic interface to enhanced messages including Nokia Smart Messaging (picture messages, ringtones, logos) and Enhanced Messaging (EMS).

SwiftNote has a generic and programmer friendly interface (Java API) that allows the your application to switch from one protocol to another without the need to modify software.

With enhanced connection handling and asynchronous message handling embedded in SwiftNote, your wireless applications achieve stability and high performance.

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  • Operating systems: Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP IBM AIX, SUN Solaris, HP-UX, Linux
  • SMSC protocols: Logica's SMPP 3.3,3.4; Nokia's CIMD2.0; CMG's UCP
  • Other protocols: Enhanced Messaging (EMS) and Nokia Smart Messaging (pictures, ringtones and logos)
  • Cellular devices interfaces: Siemens M20, TC35, MC35; Nokia Phone Card 2.0; Sony Ericsson GM47,48; Falcom A2; Growing list of cellular phones over serial cable (RS232).