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Pat Moynihan, Head of Product and Services Development: "NCL have a proven track record with Vodafone Ireland in terms of delivering top quality software on time and within budget. We did not hesitate to use them to help us to deliver our "How are you?" product and they have been very flexible in delivering a quality solution to us in a very short time period." "Over the last few years, Vodafone Ireland has used a number of NCL's products, including their SMSC toolkit, SwiftNote, and more recently NCL's Provato solution. We are very satisfied with the level of assistance and support provided by NCL, and we look forward to continuing our good working relationship."

Vodafone is Ireland's leading mobile phone operator with a customer base of over 1,765,000 people and a total of 1,500 employees. Vodafone holds 56% of the market share in Ireland, with mobile penetration in Ireland now standing at 79%. Vodafone was the first company in Ireland to launch a commercial Picture Messaging Service (MMS). This forms part of Vodafone's unique Vodafone live! offering which was launched in October 2002.