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  -> Vodafone Ireland choose NCL - September 2003

NCL, the leading provider of mobile application development software tools, modules and building blocks, announced today that Vodafone Ireland has chosen NCL's Provato SMS/MMS Gateway platform to deliver comprehensive mobile messaging applications.

Provato SMS MMS Gateway was chosen due to its capacity as an application server platform to develop and deploy mobile applications quickly and reliably. Combining NCL's messaging technology with application servers, such as BEA's, results in a carrier grade solution that can be used to host multiple applications that deliver messaging services to any mobile subscriber base. Provato supports both MMS as well as SMS.

"Over the last few years, Vodafone Ireland has used a number of NCL's products, including their SMSC toolkit, SwiftNote, and more recently NCL's Provato solution. We are very satisfied with the level of assistance and support provided by NCL, and we look forward to continuing our good working relationship." said a spokesperson from Vodafone.

James Noctor, CEO of NCL, said "We are very happy that Vodafone Ireland has chosen our technology. We have delivered a quality solution that integrated seamlessly into Vodafone's environment. It was installed and was up and running straight away. One of the challenging aspects of incorporating MMS into Provato was finding a common multimedia message format (SMIL) that was presentable on all handsets, but we got there. Exciting times lie ahead now. There are many opportunities on the horizon for the development of MMS applications and services such as media rich news services, games, notification services, greeting cards, weather forecasts, monitoring tools, film previews, sports highlights and much more."

Because multiple applications can be easily deployed concurrently and independent of each other within instances of the Provato SMS MMS Gateway, the cost savings are considerable. CPU licenses can be minimised and this allows the provider of messaging services to maximise the assets of the company and lower the total cost of ownership.

Provato supports the storing and routing of messages between applications and message centres, formatting messages, routing delivery receipts to originating applications and managing connections and queues. It supports MMS, EMS, SMS, Nokia Smart Messaging, WAP Push and other messaging technologies. All the complex protocol details are hidden from the application developer and the services are exposed in a simple user friendly manner. Provato has support for multiple developer communities including Java, .Net and C languages.

About NCL

NCL Technologies is a 5 year old privately owned mobile software provider headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. NCL has delivered SMS and MMS solutions to a number of mobile operators world-wide including Vodafone Netherlands, Vodafone New Zealand, O2 Germany, Microcell Canada, Rogers Wireless, Telenor, and Cellular South.

About Vodafone

Vodafone is Ireland's leading mobile phone operator with a customer base of over 1,765,000 people and a total of 1,500 employees. Vodafone holds 56% of the market share in Ireland, with mobile penetration in Ireland now standing at 79%. Vodafone was the first company in Ireland to launch a commercial Picture Messaging Service (MMS). This forms part of Vodafone's unique Vodafone live! offering which was launched in October 2002.